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RR Polly

RR Polly


Durham Prinzessin DE 0352216319 D.O.B.: 11-11-2008

Genomic Index USDA:

USA 12/08 +1861M -0.14%F +0.04%P +31F +65P GTPI +1909
USA 12/08 PTAT +3.41 / UDC +2.70 / FLC +2.47


2.08 305d 9.140kgM 3.59%F 354kgF 3.54%P 323kgP

Embryo`s sold to Germany and Ireland!

Sire: Stol Joc
Dam: Philadelphia VG-86 2yr
2.02 305d 12.767kgM 4.11%F 525kgF 3.51%P 448kgP
DE 08/08 +2038kgM -0.19%F -0.04%P +64kgF +65kgP RZM 132 / RZG 140

MGS: Laudan
MGD: Durham Prinzessin VG-86 2yr.
2.03 305d 12.624kgM 4.23%F 534kgF 3.68%P 465kgP

Talent-son from Durham Prinzessin is the highest bull in Italie. His name is Tom Teatro RF!

MGGS: Regancrest Elton Durham
MGGD: Wilcoxview Form Patricia EX-91 DOM
1.10 365d 12.642kgM 3.8%F 485kgF 3.7%P 464kgP

MGGGS: Shen-Val NV LM Formation
MGGGD: Lylehaven Star Philly EX-91 DOM
2.02 305d 10.210kgM 3.8%F 390kgF 3.2%P 329kgP
3.04 365d 15.304kgM 3.7%F 567kgF 3.3%P 500kgP

Dam of the famous Lylehaven-Wood Skychief Philo EX-93

MGGGGS: Hanoverhill Starbuck
MGGGGD: El-Dor Saber Pansy EX-95 3E GMD DOM
3.03 365d 16.874kgM 4.1%F 695kgF 3.3%P 565kgP
4.08 365d 16.134kgM 4.1%F 665kgF 3.3%P 530kgP
9.03 305d 13.771kgM 4.0%F 545kgF 3.0%P 415kgP

MGGGGGS: Firdell Elevation Saber
4.07 305d   9.702kgM 4.9%F 475kgF 3.7%P 357kgP
5.08 305d   9.807kgM 5.0%F 494kgF 3.8%P 374kgP

Stol Joc x VG-86 Laudan x VG-86 Durham x EX-91 Formation x EX-91 Starbuck x EX-95 Saber x VG-88 Forcaster x Bell x EX-90 Jet Stream x EX-90 Gay Ideal x VG-87 Complete x VG-86 Monitor 

- Polly was third in its category on the Regional show!
- Embryos will come available in November 2009
- Super first lactationof mother: 12.767 in first lactation in 305 days with 4.11% fat and 3.51% protein
- Goes back to the famous El-Dor Saber Pansy EX-95
- Family with several All-American awards and nominations!

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